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Puyallup Pest Control

When insect, rodent, or animal pests invade your home, they can cause real damage to your home and property, and they can cause you mental and emotional distress. In some extreme cases, the results can be devastating. Our pest control service provides several ways to counteract, control, and manage these types of problems at your home, business, or property.

Of course we offer traditional pest control service, always completely green and environmentally safe. What makes us truly different however, are the following unique and distinctive exterminator services:

Pest Control in Puyallup

  • We GUARANTEE our results. “We work every time.”™
  • Commercial – Residential – Food Service
  • Exclusive Do-It-Yourself service – SAVE 70% – Just Ask!
  • Pest Elimination with NO long-term contracts
  • 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – Pest Control
  • We match ANY other company’s coupon or offer
  • ALL techs certified by State of WA
  • Over 30 yrs. experience – Lowest fees anywhere (Really!)
  • FREE Pest Elimination Inspections
Puyallup Pest Control

DIY Pest Control

The vast majority of people are quite capable of handling their own pest situation. When we visit your location, we will find the best solution for your individual problem. If you are ready to handle the situation yourself, we will offer up a complete schedule that will allow you to fully control whatever situation you are facing.

If you follow our specific recommendations, you will be able to save 70% of what it would have cost to have a commercial service come and handle your pest situation for you. During the course of the procedure, we are always available by phone to help you with any questions or concerns.

We have over 30 years of experience to make sure that your problem is solved efficiently and quickly. Our goal is to make sure that you have the right product and instructions at your disposal to safely deal with your pest control needs. We will generally recommend chemicals that need the least amount to get the job done right.

We use the most advanced pest management techniques in Puyallup, including the use of exclusion methods and traps to control pests. In addition, we have found that particular baits can be highly effective in controlling various pests.

Perimeter Pest Protection Shield™

PPPS™ is our very own, trademarked offering that enables us to safeguard your house and property from all manner of insect and rodent infestations. this “protection barrier” sets up an invisible wall, or pest-free zone that provides ongoing protection you can count on.

Insulation Decontamination

If you have thought about replacing your insulation, it may be better to think about decontaminating. As you know, when the winters start getting cold in Washington state, the only thing helping to keep your house warm is the insulation. You may be wondering if your insulation is as safe as you would like it to be. Do you know if it is time to replace your insulation? Many times, pests will infest insulation and contaminate it with waste, which destroys much of the insulating properties.

Having to replace this insulation is not only time-consuming but very expensive and simply not the right choice for most families. Day and Knight Pest Control offers free inspections that will allow us to see if we can simply decontaminate the insulation to save you the cost of replacing it.

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